Rentegrity helps renters find valuable information about properties and their owners so they can make more informed rental decisions.

It Makes Sense

Landlords get access to a lot of background information about renters, so why shouldn’t renters get the same? Rentegrity makes it easy to identify places of interest and learn the back story before making a commitment.


Our app uses public data and information from community organizations to get the inside scoop on properties.


Rentegrity promotes action to solve housing issues. Use 311 or contact district council members from the app.


We aim to hold property managers more accountable to providing safe, adequate housing for their tenants.


Quick Housing Data Access

Save yourself a visit to City Hall. Check for the back story on properties from one place. So far we’ve utilized data from 311, housing court, and the City’s real property data.

Search and Filter

Browse Buffalo-area properties as a list or find locations on a map. Narrow down results by searching a specific street name or property address.

Cross-Device Compatible

Our web-based app can be accessed on any mobile device, including iPhone, Android, and Windows phones.

Made by Renters, for Renters

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